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Our business and technologies partners.

STAR-APIC s.a. The STAR-APIC Group (Belgium) a leading provider of software and solutions in the field of geographic information systems (GIS) and business applications for network management, and local and national government.
DStudio The D-studio (Belgium) offers solutions and services for all construction partners striving for the best efficiency and rendability during the design and building process as well as for the full building life-cycle management.
SPACEYES The SPACEYES (France) is expert in image treatment applied to digital cartography. SPACEYES also offers 2D & 3D software - GEOimage & SpacEyes3D – aimed at environment and infrastructure projects modeling and viewing.
Technology 2000 Technology 2000 (Russia) supplies the GIS software and spatial data, maintains and trains users, processes a cartographical data.
Siberian Information technologies (Russia) - leader of CAD market and safe partner for software supplying. Supply, implementation and support of CAD and GIS software for different areas.
ASPO The ASPO (Russia) is CAD software and services provider for designing companies.

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